Domestic Violence & Addiction: Two Conditions that Breed Shame, Secrecy & Silence

Hello again. 

September is National Recovery Month (from substance use disorders), and October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As you probably already know, these two issues are often connected.  One can cause the other, or at least feed it, and vice versa. 

They’re also both associated with shame and silence – the cloak of secrecy that allows self-hatred and harsh self-judgment to thrive and grow. Shine a little light on these issues, talk about them with the right people at the right time (not the ones who will judge and shame you, thank you very much) and the power of shame evaporates.

For those whose self esteem is suffocating under a silent blanket of shame, but who aren’t yet ready to share with a friend or join a community like AA, I recommend some inner work, using the terrific guided self-hypnosis meditations by Traci Stein - her Self-Compassion Super-Set and her Self-Esteem Pack. Check out the descriptions and sound samples – these are powerful programs that sneak under your everyday radar and reform your opinion of yourself – sometimes in spite of yourself!

We also have our popular Domestic Violence Recovery Set that can be found in many a support group and family shelters for those fleeing violence at home; and there’s also our guided imagery to support Recovery from Alcohol & Other Drugs, another classic favorite at recovery treatment centers and support groups, especially powerful when combined with Traci Stein’s Creating Positive Change and William DeFoore’s Nurturing Your Inner Child.

So check out some guided imagery, for use with or without other approaches.  It won’t compete with whatever else you’re already doing, and it’s sure to add power and energy to your healing.

Take care and be well.

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