Hello again.

The download for our new Spiritual Guide imagery is now available.  The CD should be in the warehouse soon - by July 6th or sooner. We’ll let you know as soon as it gets here.

It’s not surprising that guided imagery is a ‘best practice’, so to speak, for opening internal doors to access the spiritual - it pings around in the temporal lobes (among other structures) of the brain, where, as behavioral neuroscientist Michael Persinger noted, it produces religious states of mind and creates sensations of a ‘felt presence’ of the divine. 

I wrote about him some in Your Sixth Sense.  With his research in the 1980s, he stimulated people's temporal lobes with a weak magnetic field to see if this could induce religious states of mind (he called his equipment the “God Helmet”).  Based on reports from his subjects, the field could produce the sensation of "an ethereal presence in the room". (He also explained a lot of group UFO and apparition sightings as being the result of strong electromagnetic fields impacting peoples’ brains, perhaps the result of tension along fault lines between tectonic plates - interesting guy - definitely an out of the box thinker!)

But getting back to the new imagery, this new topic was chosen by popular demand from several surveys we did on the blog and on the phone.  The only title that out-ranked this one was the one I’m working on now - imagery for heartbreak, abandonment & betrayal. (Wow, did a lot of people want that one!)  I’ll keep you informed as I make headway with it.  I’ve gotten wonderful help from a huge array of email feedback.  As usual, the commonalities between what people wrote are arresting, even down to the way betrayal feels in the body - awesome feedback! Thank you.

The idea behind the Spiritual Guide imagery is to create the conditions for experiencing transcendent states of mind and communion with the divine. You can think of it as a heart-based complement to prayer or meditation, and hopefully it can promote living in greater harmony with our deepest purpose and highest good.  

By the way, I’m looking forward to joining many of you at the Wellness Community of Knoxville TN for their 20th anniversary celebration day workshop, Cancer as a Turning Point, for those touched by cancer, featuring Jeremy Geffen, yours truly and many others.  For more info, please click here.

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