Dr. Ann McGee Cooper Had a Mastectomy, Then Walked a Mile the Same Day

About five years ago, we got a note from an amazing 75-year-old woman – a spirited and multi-talented author, corporate trainer, educator, motivational speaker and ballroom dancer – who was enthusing over her mastectomy. I just came across it again, and it dazzled me anew.

You have to check this out, in her own words, because you just can’t make this stuff up. It’s a shame the world has lost her, but surely she’s still dancing somewhere…

Here’s the story, with minimal editing for length:  

Dear Belleruth,

A close friend, Barbie Dossey, pressed me to use your Successful Surgery CD of Guided Imagery to help me prepare for my recent mastectomy. I’ve been so very pleased with the results, for which I give complete credit to the power of guided imagery. I thought I would bullet point for you some of the benefits from that CD:

  • I had little discomfort and ingested zero pain medication.
  • Had surgery at 8AM on a Friday morning. Walked a mile that afternoon.
  • Observed no nausea; enjoyed good appetite.
  • Walked out of the hospital the next morning by myself. 
  • On the way home, shopped at Whole Foods, feeling capable and strong.
  • Back to church on Sunday.
  • Returned to half time work on Monday, taking a nice nap in the afternoon.
  • By Tuesday, was back to daily yoga and qigong practice.  
  • Driving comfortably on Wednesday.
  • Had full extension of left arm by Thursday.
  • Returned to ballroom dancing Friday eve.
  • Enjoyed State Fair on Saturday.

So, as you can see, I was able to return to enjoying my life with little discomfort, no pain, and speedy progress toward full recovery.

It is also worth saying that, in keeping with the Henry Bennett research, my surgeon reported very little blood.  I was relieved of my drainage tube on Thursday, but it had actually stopped leaking by early Wednesday. 

Rest assured, I will be an eager advocate for Guided Imagery and this surgery CD, telling my audiences of this wonderful experience.   If I can help you get out the word, I would be delighted to do so.  You are my constant and steady companion. 

I play your guided imagery still, now for some upcoming chemotherapy, a minimum of 2 hours a day, while drifting off to sleep and while awakening. However, I prefer to stay in a state of what I call “relaxed wakefulness”, so I can focus on the wonderful healing images.

I have always used guided imagery with my corporate clients, to help them with developing peak performance. I teach them that what they imagine and choose to believe creates their reality, so why not imagine a magical, powerful, utterly magnificent healing life? 

Your guided imagery has shown me some very tangible evidence of everything I have always believed and preached. 

I thank you for your work. If you use my testimonial, please do so with my real name. 

In the Spirit,

Ann McGee-Cooper, Ed.D.

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