Emmett Miller's Amazing Re-dux:  Guided Imagery to Relieve Pain
We had the best time re-engineering and re-mixing Emmett Miller’s superb hypnotic guided imagery for Relieving Pain.  I can’t wait for you to hear it!  
I’d been casting about for some new meditations for reducing pain to add to our library - something psychologically sophisticated and technically skillful. Our national opioid crisis has increased the demand for superior mind-body tools to deal with pain without drugs, and to help fill the breach while people are getting off drugs. 
There are a lot of perfectly decent audios out there, but I wanted something exceptional and way above the usual, in both content and delivery.
I found an old CD Emmett had recorded decades ago to help with pain. It had two tracks with two different, classic approaches, each one effective and compelling.
My reaction when I played it (- I hadn’t actually listened to a whole track of Emmett’s in a while -) was something like, “Hot Damn!  I forgot how good he was!!!”  
It wasn’t just the amazing voice, which is the first thing you notice on an Emmett audio; it was the quality of the content, the skillful use of technique, the adept choice of language, and his brainy psychological sophistication, that knocked my socks off. I mean, the guy is a psychiatrist, after all, and his training and informed knowledge about pain, the body, and the nature of perception show. This was no random, new age, hippy-dippy, love and light meditation from 20 years ago, Good People.
But great content and delivery notwithstanding, the production quality was limited to the equipment of the time. I’ve been spoiled by our impeccable sound engineer, Bruce Gigax, whose Audio Recording Studios has been producing our audios since (get this) 1990.  Over the years, he’s taught me a thing or two about how things should sound.
I had an itch to have Bruce listen to it and tell us what he would do to make the audio quality measure up to the words and the voice. Bruce, who records the Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall, is arguably the foremost magician around with immersive, meditative audio programs. 
Having produced our audios for over 25 years, he totally gets the pacing, the voice tone, the timbre, and the level of low-key, stay-out-of-the-way, toned down expressiveness you need for meditation to work right. And he can mix and edit music so brilliantly, it lands perfectly with whatever’s being said, subtly emphasizing and emotionally pinging where necessary.    
And that was the other thing!  I wanted to see what the Amazing Emmett Miller Voice would sound like with the Amazing Steve Kohn Music.
Steve is a gift. I went through 4 composers in 1989 before I lucked out and found him. He’s an esteemed faculty member at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and he provides a level of rich talent, musicality, sophisticated composition, thematic development, and nuanced emotional flavor that is, forgive the pun, pitch perfect. So we fiddled around with the many pieces Steve has written for us, ‘til we found one that worked perfectly with Emmett’s voice and pacing. 
The result, my friends, is – TA-DAH! – a superb audio for pain, by the legendary guided imagery pioneer, Dr. Emmett Miller, with the brilliant accompaniment of music by Steven Mark Kohn, filtered, equalized, de-essed, rounded out and mixed by the incomparable Bruce Gigax. 
Am I proud to be offering this?  You betcha.  May it help alleviate suffering everywhere it’s needed.
Take care and be well,