Enter Best Radio Announcer Voice Contest!! Count Down the Top Ten HJ Hits!!

I recently had to consult the stats on our best-selling guided imagery audios for another retailer. I was really surprised at how much people's preferences had shifted around – from even a few years ago, back when Weight Loss was king!

So, forgive me for sounding like Casey Kasem the American Top 40 Countdown of golden oldies on the radio, but this is kind of fun. See if you can guess, going from Number 10 down to the Number One Top Hit on the HJ charts.

(Sidebar: Okay, true confession: listening to Casey K. is my secret vice, which I indulge whenever I happen upon it on the car radio... I simply must listen to the late Casey K. introducing tunes from the 70's and 80's - and sing along in half-baked harmony - before moving on to the more seemly NPR.)

Top Ten Guided Imagery Titles

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So starting with #10.... Yep, it's Weight Loss, by yours truly. How the mighty have fallen! It was created in 1991 (??) at the request of Time Warner AudioBooks. I'd resisted working on this topic, because I thought that our culture was already a little nuts about making everyone feel they have to be thinner. But I finally figured out a way to give it real depth and insert strong messages about loving your body, so I made it, finally – and it sold so incredibly well, it wound up underwriting our less popular titles. So that was a good thing!

Next at #9 is Fight Cancer.

Numero eight-o is Guided Meditations to Help with Panic Attacks.

Our guided imagery and affirmations to Relieve Depression, a perennial cheerer-upper that always gets sales momentum in the fall, when the light changes, ranks Number 7.

At Number 6, we have Healing Trauma, a deeply appreciated favorite of early responders, victims of violence and our military and vets. Steve Kohn and I love this one especially much. It helps a lot of people, even in severe distress.

Ease Pain ranks #5, where it has ruled for decades.

And now, counting down to Number 4 on the charts (can't you just hear Casey saying this, in his Casey voice?? I sure can!) we have the research-proven, evidence-based Successful Surgery, which made its first clinical trials debut back in the early 90's at UC Davis Medical Center.

Relaxation & Wellness has had chart-topping mojo for years, and here it is, still crushing at Number 3.

And now.... Our 2nd most favorite title of 2015, riding high at #2 (pregnant pause): Relieve Stress!

And finally... what you've been waiting for. The Number One Hit on the HJ Charts.... Still at the top after 7 triumphant years.... Drum roll please.... Healthful Sleep!

Hey, so maybe we should have a Best Announcer Voice Contest for Win-It Wednesday, and feature the winner on a Video Podcast revealing this Top Ten. Or, maybe just five. Or the top three. What do you think? Anybody out there game? I'm definitely warming to this idea, which only evolved about 3 minutes ago, thanks to a suggestion last week from Elizabeth. C'mon, people! Work with me here! Sound like Casey? Or Bill Murray's lounge lizard. Or Al Franken's Stuart Smalley! Or Jane Curtin, reading the news on SNL. You get the picture!

Plucky announcers, please send us your selfie audition to [email protected] We'll be thrilled to see and hear you.

Take care and be well,

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