Thanks to the incredible reach of Ruth Buczynski’s NICABM webinar series on new ways of effectively treating traumatic stress, we continue to hear from military posts, bases, hospitals and installations, as well as V.A. Medical and Vet Centers, asking about our military-friendly iteration of guided imagery created by First Sergeant (Ret) Dave Rauls, to provide a bridge to warrior culture.  

This is enormously gratifying, as we’ve spent a lot of time, resources and energy over the last few years trying to figure out something useful to offer our service members and first responders.

The NICABM series also features the latest work of Bessel van der Kolk, Pat Ogden, Stephen Porges, Ruth Lanius and others, with terrific discussion afterward from Bill O’Hanlon, Rick Hanson and Ruth herself.  And even though the free, Wednesday night, real-time conversations are over, you can still access the whole ball o’ wax, complete with transcripts and other extras, with the purchase of a Gold Membership. (Ed. Note: I emphatically do not get any % of sales from promoting this!  I mention it because it’s an important resource.)

And speaking of excellent resources, I was delighted this morning to find an article in Critical Care Nursing about the importance of guided imagery for remediating pain, anxiety and insomnia in the community hospital setting.  And then I was even more pumped to read that this hospital dispenses CD players (a little old fashioned, I’ll grant you – downloads and Playaways are rapidly taking over the field – but still the most user-friendly device for those of a certain age…) and the beautiful, scripture-based Tranquility Series CDs of Hospital Chaplain Rev. Donna Shenk and Naturopathic Doctor, Robert Miller ND.  

We are big fans of these two stellar practitioners, and carry three of their titles in our own catalog: Tranquilities for Grief, Stress and Cancer.  They come with aromatherapy vials and are very unique, calming and supportive mind-body tools, especially for those who take comfort from scripture.

And speaking of stellar practitioners, I recently found some terrific YouTube videos of Clinical Social Worker Carol Look demonstrating EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – a meridian tapping method that often yields surprisingly quick and effective relief for traumatic stress and many less devastating conditions.)  If you want to see Carol’s clear, simple demo of this method to check out how it works, click here.

And just so you know, the June 2012 issue of Imagery International’s ImagiNews focuses on the powerful theme of Ritual, and can be accessed here. It’s a great, chatty, newsy, content-rich read, full of interesting pieces and some wonderful, appealing, accessible voices and ideas.  It’s free, but I encourage you to sign up for membership – it’s the best deal in town.

This June issue features a tribute to imagery pioneer Jeanne Achterberg and a wonderful lead article on imagery and ritual by good friend and multi-talented colleague, Fania Chazan LCSW, who is the beautiful voice and gifted translator of our Hebrew version of Relaxation & Wellness, called “Shlomoot v’Rogah”.  

Okay, that’s it for now.  Take care and be well.

All best,