Check out our two new Combo Packs for Stress Relief and Weight Loss, where we combine three very different but very effective methods by three expert practitioners to synergize a successful outcome.. Greetings!

Well, now that we have several kinds of excellent CDs that address the same health issue from slightly different angles and methods, we thought it would be very cool to put together Combo Packs that would provide a triple whammy solution - 3 different but very effective choices to choose from, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

For instance, we have three powerful CDs making up our Weight Loss Combo Pack over at :

  1. Martha Howard’s hypnosis CD, Freeing Yourself from Excess Weight, provides very strong motivation to eat and act in healthy ways. As I say in the catalog, by the time she’s done with you, you’re craving fresh veggies and pure water, and you’re desperate for exercise.

  2. David Illig’s Weight Loss CD on the other hand, uses more indirect, subtle Eriksonian hypnotic techniques, that come into your consciousness "on the bias" so to speak, sidling in the back door of your mind through stories and gentle ideas that support inner strength, self-esteem and healthy choices. It’s a very skillful, pleasing CD that also has subliminal positive suggestions encoded beneath the narrative.

  3. And our Health Journeys Weight Loss guided imagery uses a lot of multi-sensory, layered images and metaphor, along with body-based awareness and psychological support, to encourage a different kind of alliance with the body and appreciation for the self.

Between the three of these CDs, I think you’ll find a powerful, effective weight program, that’s varied enough to keep you motivated, interested and successful. The 3 kinds of meditation work synergistically to maximize your experience of each one and to increase your sensitivity and skillfulness with the process. Normally these would retail for $51.98, but through February 22nd, we’re offering them at $39.95 - a savings of over $12.

Similarly, we’ve assembled a Stress Relief Combo Pack, that’s just as effective. Normally retailing for $56.93, these three excellent CDs are sale priced at $39.95, at a savings of $17 - also through February 22nd. This set includes the following:

  1. Letting Go of Stress by imagery pioneer/psychiatrist Emmett Miller - a combination of relaxation, imagery and hypnotic suggestion by The Voice himself, featuring virtuoso technique and the yummiest, plummiest larynx this side of the Atlantic.

  2. David Illig’s ingenious Eriksonian methodology, with his gentle, subtle, but every-bit-as-potent approach, with his Reduce Stress and Anxiety. This too has simple, positive subliminal suggestions, just below hearing level, although every now and then you can hear them pop up to the surface.

  3. And the Health Journeys Relieve Stress imagery, which includes 2 kinds of de-stressing, multisensory guided imagery, affirmations, and a simple guided walking meditation to chill out by.

Again, the Combo Pack’s advantage is variety and synergy - different approaches, all of them effective, to allow you to pick the voice and method you’re in the mood for at the time. Together they combine to enhance the effectiveness of each meditation experience.

So grab ‘em while they’re here.

And did you know you could check our Hot Research page for mind-body research findings by topic? Each week, we archive one or two more articles to this ever-expanding data base. If you need hard data to validate your intuitive sense about the effectiveness of guided imagery, meditation, biofeedback, hypnosis or acupressure, this is where you can find it.

Take care and be well.