It's great to see our very own study appear on the AP wire this (2/19) morning - never mind that it didn't report the terrific outcomes the original feasibility study got, that it overstates therapist involvement and that it doesn't get what guided imagery is.. Greetings!

It’s exciting to see how much ink and media attention guided imagery is getting these days. I have Google News send me articles and stories as they come out, and I get scores each week. Here’s a small sampling that’s pretty typical, starting with Monday''s AP wire about our very own study at Duke/Durham V.A.... never mind that it fails to mention the terrific outcomes the original feasibility study found with PTSD symptoms; that it overstates the amount of therapist involvement; and that it totally doesn''t get what guided imagery actually is - at least it''s appeared on the national radar!!! Also, check out these:
  • A nice piece on guided imagery’s help with skin diseases - eczema, psoriasis, hives, etc - on MSNBC can be found here.

  • There’s a terrific little piece about using guided imagery for student anxiety on the Daily Lobo, the University of New Mexico’s student newspaper, here.

  • The Charlotte Observer talks about how guided imagery can be used for pain relief here.

  • Yahoo news carried a press release from CIGNA, talking about how this insurance carrier has begun including guided imagery and other mind-body techniques as part of its Healthy Rewards program here.

  • An article called Imagine Yourself Well in the Mail Tribune of Southern Oregon promotes the value of using imagery for healing and for peak performance at sports, too.

  • The Los Angeles Times carried a report entitled Work at Relaxing about a study out of Milan that showed that relaxation, imagery and stress management and could reduce the physiological stressors that lead to heart attack in a work population.

  • And that most mainstream of vehicles, The Reader’s Digest, recently encouraged us to Defuse Stress for a More Enjoyable Day through guided imagery and deep breathing.
I could go on and on, but you get my point - guided imagery really is everywhere - a big change from even 5 years ago.

OK, Take care and be well,