Our new 3-CD set for accelerated healing from injuries, by the awesome clinician and researcher, Dr. Carol Ginandes, called Rapid Recovery from Injury uses a superb combination of potent Ericksonian hypnotic techniques that have a cumulative impact.. Hello, everyone.
I’ve spent the past few days listening to a vast array of audio resources - and I’ll continue to do so this week - so we can introduce some terrific selections with our next catalog. I’m very excited about some of the new (at least new to me) practitioners and methods I’m discovering. This is going to be a truly dynamite collection of powerful healing materials. So keep your eyes peeled.

And speaking of fabulous new materials, our new 3-CD set for healing injuries, by the awesome clinician and researcher, Dr. Carol Ginandes, called Rapid Recovery from Injury, is now available. Using a superb combination of Ericksonian hypnosis techniques that have a cumulative impact over the 6 weeks of the carefully sequenced, comprehensive program, Carol guides muscle, soft tissue, skin and bone to a new state of accelerated, harmonic wellness. This is particularly helpful for sports injuries, but will work beautifully for any sort of fracture, burn, soft tissue injury or other kinds of wounds. She addresses pain, inflammation, the rebuilding of healthy new tissue, emotional well-being and the return of strength and flexibility on this excellent audio set.

Cindy also tells me that we now have our Multiple Sclerosis imagery and our Relieve Asthma imagery in CD format, at long last. I know, I know... some of you have been ridiculously patient with us about this. It just takes a while to get to everything. And not a jot too soon. Most companies are phasing out their cassettes now - audio publishers are switching to CD, and even Sounds True is doing so. You’ve probably noticed that your car only has a CD player these days, and my kids keep warning me that soon CDs will be hopelessly old fashioned, having been pushed aside by MP3 players and IPods. So it goes. We’ll struggle to keep up with the times and the technology.

Take care and be well,