Two different rape crisis centers told us this week about using the info from Invisible Heroes to educate traumatized survivors, and the effect has been to reassure them that they are not crazy, and to motivate them to use imagery .. Hello, everyone.
Several of you have asked what’s happening with our idea to get imagery to our troops overseas and/or upon returning home - for either an inoculative effect to prevent or lessen PTSD symptoms in the field, or else for help with healing it after getting home. Just so you know, we have several initiatives in the works, thanks to the outpouring of creative ideas from so many of you. I’ll let you know as soon as we have some definite programs and research projects launched. But trust me, we’re on it - 3 different Health Journeys staff are working on this. And in the meantime, our imagery is in over 50 VA hospitals around the country, so we’ve had some impact in the meantime, even if it is spotty and uneven.

On another traumatized front, we learned this week that 2 different rape crisis centers have been using the material from Invisible Heroes to educate rape survivors, and the effect has been to reassure people that they are not losing their minds, and to motivate them to use imagery and other meditative techniques to regain balance, once they understand why it works so well. One woman told her counselor that she felt the information "de-crazy-fied" her! That’s what we love to hear.

Another reason for rejoicing around the Health Journeys offices - one of the pharmaceutical companies that makes a drug for cancer patients just reordered a huge supply of Relaxation and Wellness imagery - this time in CD format. We celebrate wildly when this happens, because it’s such a reliable, steady way to get imagery into the ears of those who need it - from a trusted nurse or oncologist, and, best of all, free of charge to them. I’ll let you know the particulars as soon as these new CDs are in the distribution pipeline.

Our new 3-CD set for accelerated healing of injuries, by awesome clinician and researcher, Dr. Carol Ginandes, called Rapid Recovery from Injury, is now available. Using a superb combination of various Ericksonian hypnosis techniques that have a cumulative impact over the 6 weeks of her carefully sequenced, comprehensive program, Carol guides muscle, soft tissue, skin and bone to a rapid journey to wholeness. This is particularly helpful for sports injuries, but will work beautifully for any sort of fracture, burn, soft tissue injury or other kinds of wounds. She addresses pain, inflammation, the rebuilding of healthy new tissue, emotional well-being and the return of strength and flexibility on this most excellent audio set.

Cindy also tells me that we now have our Multiple Sclerosis imagery and our Relieve Asthma imagery in CD format, at long last. Long-suffering folks who’ve been waiting for these forever, I can finally say they’re here!

And, by the way, I’m very excited about the new selections I’ve been discovering for our Spring/Summer catalog. We’ll have many new pages with brand new offerings and extraordinary resources. I’m enjoying my role as talent scout very much, thanks to all the talent out there.

Take care and be well,