We’ve changed the title of our Help for Infertility CD set to Help with Fertility . It’s the exact same 2 CDs inside, but a lot of people told us they weren’t ready for the label infertile. It may seem like nitpicking to some of you, but we’ve changed the title of our Help for Infertility CD set to Help with Fertility. It’s the exact same 2 CDs inside, mind you, with the same four exercises, but we were hearing from too many people who were telling us they were not ready to be labeling themselves as infertile by buying it. Others said they wanted to get the CD set as a gift for a friend or family member, but were afraid of freaking out the recipient with the title and its inferences. I guess the word infertile is just too loaded for too many people. My mistake. So, at the risk of confusing some of you, Help for Infertility is now Help with Fertility.

fertility This CD is getting a lot of strong support from various fertility support groups, chat boards and blogs, and even Amazon is filled with testimonials from pregnant people and parents, which is great to see. We certainly get an out-of-proportion number of thank you notes and emails for this title. which is all the more reason to give it a title that people can be comfortable with.

I’ve always had a strong suspicion that imagery and hypnosis not just relaxation, but relaxation with targeted imagery and suggestions - are especially efficacious for boosting conception and carrying to term. But there’s not a whole lot of research on this, and it sure would be nice to back up all the anecdotal evidence we get with some bona fide, gold-standard, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials.

So I continue to beg, wheedle and cajole any researcher-clinician out there with a built in patient population in a fertility clinic or OBGYN practice to consider such a study. We’re happy to help with the design and with making the intervention and a control condition available at very low cost. So, any PhD candidates out there, in nursing or social work or health psychology, with an interest in women’s health, mind-body medicine and/or fertility if you’re casting about for a dissertation topic, consider this! )

Soon I’ll be gearing up to get back on the road again. Do check the calendar for upcoming events workshops on imagery for cancer survivors and caregivers in Seattle and Portland; on imagery and posttraumatic stress at an all day women’s addiction symposium in Philadelphia; on imagery, healing and intuition at a women’s retreat in Waukesha, Wisconsin on imagery and combat stress in Los Angeles .

OK, take care and be well!

All best,