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  1. Another Health Journeys Baby Gestates, Even as We Speak!

    Another Health Journeys Baby Gestates, Even as We Speak!

    We got this happy note last week. In it, Kristie describes how she used selected segments of our Help with Fertility imagery along with acupuncture specifically designed for boosting conception. Now she's contentedly listening to the Pregnancy (please link) imagery!

    Hi Belleruth and thank you!!

    I listened to the Help with Fertility guided imagery while trying to get pregnant, and I totally believe that it helped!

    It took us 6 months of actively trying to conceive, and I found the conception track and the affirmations track very comforting throughout the process.

    I purchased the MP3 album after a couple of months of acupuncture (weekly at first and then in the first two weeks of my cycle), and then I would listen to the conception track almost nightly as I fell asleep in bed at night. I would listen to the affirmations one in the car on my way to work when I needed a pick-me-up.

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  2. Fertility Imagery Does Some Good

    Fertility Imagery Does Some Good

    Someone just sent us the link to this very encouraging review of our Help with Fertility imagery. We think this woman nails some of the key features BR was really trying to achieve on this audio... the main thing being that there are many ways to have a positive outcome to this challenge, all the way from having your own pregnancy, to seeing your baby growing in somebody else's belly, to adopting your child, to being at peace with not becoming a parent.

    We've been hearing a lot about increased negative self-talk - this seems to be a natural by-product for many people undergoing IVF and other daunting, baby-making procedures.

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  3. What She Did to Get (Very) Pregnant

    We loved reading this blog entry on how this sassy, resourceful woman got pregnant (with twins) after 3 years of struggle.  It’s filled with attitude, excellent advice and smart pointers, laced with a nice, realistic dollop of hopefulness.  And she used guided imagery!  And Monica Morell’s Fertility Yoga! How smart was that??
    The only thing we’d add to this wonderful list is reading Victoria Maizes’ terrific new book, Be Fruitful: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Fertility and Giving Birth to a Healthy Child.

    Here it is, in her own words:                                 

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  4. Our Favorite Kind of Feedback – Another Baby on the Way

    Another Health Journeys bambino is in the oven.  We loved getting this exuberant email, reporting the happy aftermath of using guided imagery (Help with Fertility) after a challenging time of IVF/embryo transfers that did not take…

    Hello from a delirious, ecstatic pregnant lady.  My husband found your Fertility CD on Amazon.  We began listening to it faithfully each night.  

    It had a healing effect.  I found the images comforting.  They touched me in a deep way while giving me perspective and patience.  I became calmer and definitely more optimistic.  We are both 38 years old and had been feeling a lot of pressure to have a baby.
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  5. Hypnosis Improves Implantation and Pregnancy Rates during IVF

    Investigators from Soroka University Medical Center in Beer-Sheva, Israel, investigated whether hypnosis during embryo transfer contributes to successful fertility outcomes.
    In this case-control, clinical study with infertile couples undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF), 98 IVF/ET cycles with hypnosis were matched with 96 regular IVF/ET cycles. Rates of clinical pregnancy and implantation were then compared between the two groups.

    There were 52 clinical pregnancies out of 98 cycles (53.1%), with an implantation rate of 28% among hypnosis IVF/ET cycles, as compared with 29 out of 96 (30.2%) clinical pregnancies and an implantation rate of 14.4% in the control cycles.

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  6. No Difference between Valium and Hypnosis during Embryo Transfer

    Investigators from the Clinique du Mail in La Rochelle, France, conducted a randomized, prospective, controlled study, comparing the efficacy of hypnosis on patients receiving embryo transfer, to measure impact on pregnancy rates and degree of anxiety, as compared to the efficacy of Diazepam (Valium).
    Previous research by Levitas et al (2006) showed in a cohort study that hypnosis during embryo transfer (ET) increased the pregnancy ratio by 76%.
    In order to evaluate hypnosis during ET in a general population, the authors compared the impact of diazepam (usual premedication) administered before ET plus muscle relaxation, versus hypnosis plus placebo, in 94 patients.

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  7. Mind/Body Training with IVF Patients Yields Higher Pregnancy Rates

    A research team from Boston IVF, a private, academically affiliated infertility center, in Waltham, MA conducted a randomized controlled study with 143 women, 40 years old or less, to determine if a mind-body program, delivered in a group, would yield higher pregnancy rates than treatment as usual.

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  8. CAM Therapy Combo Helps with Successful Fertilization

    From psychotherapist Susan P:
    I led a support group with women who were experiencing challenging fertility issues. I played a smattering of relaxation audio programs from my library, each of the weeks we met, to give them a flavor of how they could use their powerful minds to help alter their injured vision of themselves and their bodies, after all they had been through.

    In addition, I introduced them to polarity and craniosacral therapy. One of the practitioners in my practice offers this treatment as a way to expand energy channels and resolve blockages.

    Vicky (not her real name), who had endured several heartbreaking miscarriages of hard-won pregancies in the past, took advantage of this treatment (4-6 times). The practitioner said she was able to identify some of the "body memories" that Vicky held from childhood that may have been interfering with her ability to get pregnant and retain pregnancies (she had had 4 miscarriages in all).

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  9. Imagery Helps with Pain, Frustration of Fertility Treatments

    My husband and I have been going through fertility treatments for the past year, and since it all began there was dark cloud around me. The last treatment was an IVF cycle which resulted in a pregnancy, but ended a week later with a miscarriage.

    I already wasn't myself, but this threw me completely off my axis.

    My older sister, who also has had some problems, recommended your program and meditations. After I listen to your program the other night, it was like a weight was lifted off of me. I felt like myself again. I awoke the next day feeling good emotionally and physically. I haven't felt like that in over 18 months.  So, thank you. Your program brought me back to life and out of the darkness that was with me everywhere I go.

    I have a renewed hope, dream, and spirit.

    Thank you from every part of my now not breaking heart.


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  10. Yet Another Health Journeys Baby Girl!!

    A staff member found this excited, bubbly report about our Help with Fertility and Healthy Pregnancy & Successful Childbirth imagery on Amazon.  We think it goes a bit overboard in giving excess credit to the guided imagery, but her delight and gratitude for this baby girl is palpable and fun to see.  Here is what “Ang” writes:

    “I cannot say enough positive things about guided imagery and affirmations. In fact, I used Help with Fertility when my husband and I were sent to a specialist and were told that we couldn't get pregnant on our own. Surprise!  We did - without any help from our new doctor!

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