Fisher Houses To Get Free Guided Imagery Downloads For Stressed Families

We're currently working on building a page to deliver de-stressing and sleep-facilitating guided imagery downloads for Fisher House residents.

After we finish up consulting with the staff and residents of various houses, we'll build a page just for them, where guests or staff can access links to download or stream some relaxation and stress-relieving programs, straight to their smart phones if they like.

Families away from home (sometimes for weeks or even months), visiting their sick or injured relatives, experience a lot of distress, worry and disruption, and this would be one simple but effective way to offer them some relief.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Fisher House Foundation, it was founded by Zachary Fisher in 1990 to create a network of homey comfort residences, usually near a military or VA hospital, where families of service personnel or veterans can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.

There are currently 65 of them around the country. We're about to see a couple more get set up in Cleveland, in fact, which is how this idea finally occurred to us. Really, we should have thought of it sooner!

We've created special pages like this before, and we now know it's not that hard to do nor prohibitively expensive. We built one for the students at Virginia Tech after the shootings there, and for the citizens of Tucson after the massacre there. It just hadn't occurred to us to do this for an organization like Fisher House, even though we've always done a lot of work with the military.

So we're pretty pumped about doing this. We'll keep you informed of our progress as we learn what is most needed by our military and vet families in such high-pressured, difficult circumstances.

All best,

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