Flu Attack!!  Cartoon Video Shows Clever Immune System Responding

That nasty flu that was going around over the winter seems to be enjoying a reprise this spring. Several friends and colleagues have been laid low.

So, I figure it's time to haul out the link to the terrific video that shows how a flu virus gets into your system, becomes all fruitful and multiplies, and how your amazing immune system responds. Of course, you could just take the lazy way out and listen to our Healthy Immune System Meditation, which narrates how it all happens inside of you, and by listening and experiencing this in your imagination, it pumps up the action of your immune system even further...)

But assuming you'd like to get an intellectual grasp on how this works, there's an excellent cartoon video on NPR's website that shows how this occurs at the cellular level.  here.

This piece also explains why, after an invading virus replicates by the millions within seconds, we don't just keel over and drop dead in about a minute. This is the explanation to focus on if you're interested in creating your own guided imagery to counter the flu.

Here, in fact, are all the ways a virus can get thwarted and meet its doom in real life:

  • For starters, some viruses get caught in mucus and other fluids inside the body, and are likely to die a soggy death before they have a chance to make trouble.

  • Other viruses get expelled in coughs and sneezes.

  • Many viruses are feckless and inept - lacking the right "keys" to invade the healthy cells, so they can't get in and do damage.

  • Even if they do manage to invade a cell, the amazing, versatile immune system gets uber-mobilized and also can replicate itself, attacking and smiting the viruses by the boatload.

These are the elements we want to imagine, to accentuate and boost the automatic, miraculous events occurring inside the body. We now have numerous studies in our Hot Research archives showing that imagining immune cell activity in the blood actually enhances it.

And because of all these factors, that's why most of the time, after a bout with fever, runny nose, bleary eyes, congested chest, fatigue and aches all over, you're able to bound out of bed after a few days, ready to grab your life back. ...A pretty amazing everyday miracle, really.

OK, take care and be well. Wash your hands a lot and keep away from coughing, sneezing people!

All best,

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