Focus on the Love in Your Heart and Change Every Heart in the Room? Really?

The work of the HeartMath® Institute has arguably had its greatest impact showing people that by focusing on their own feelings of love and care, they can entrain their heart rhythms to enter a more coherent, healthy, psychologically resilient state. And they can influence other hearts in the vicinity as well.

What's fun is, they do this with high-end monitors and sophisticated telemetry, so it's a lot harder for naysayers to simply call them fruit loops and dismiss their findings.

Take this little lab experiment with 15 year old Josh and his dog Mabel, each of whom were fitted with Holter devices to record their electrocardiogram activity. Josh then came into Mabel's room, sat down next to her, and, as instructed, focused on his natural feelings of love for her. He did not touch her or even look at her.

As demonstrated in other HeartMath® experiments, his heart rhythms became more coherent... and so did Mabel's. In other words, these coherent rhythms appear to be contagious – a kind of energy transfer seems to happen, and this is the intriguing area that these HeartMath® folk so like to investigate and measure.

Not surprising to anyone who has ever had a dog companion, when Josh left the room, Mabel's heart rhythms immediately became chaotic, incoherent and zig-zaggy on the screen, looking a whole lot like a jolt of separation anxiety.


You probably already knew that your dog gets upset when you leave. But did you know that you could so profoundly influence others – sometimes a whole roomful – physiologically and psychologically - just by focusing on the love and care you feel in your heart?

Try it! Who knows? This could be the start of world peace!

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