For Seniors, the Term ‘Guided Imagery’ Is More Sympatico than ‘Hypnosis’

We got this email from a beginning guided imagery practitioner working at a retirement home:

I am a student at a school for hypnotherapy and have contacted a retirement home to do guided imagery for residents. I am very excited to be starting my new career and have enjoyed getting my materials together for this exciting new opportunity. Books like Staying Well with Guided Imagery have been a great help to me in providing me with program material. [Ed. Note: Other books that offer fine guided imagery scripts for practitioners are Julie Lusk's two volumes, Andrew Schwartz's book and Marty Rossman's.

I want to say how very grateful I am for the available resources that are helping me launch my new career – especially at a retirement home with seniors as my clients. It is far more comfortable for them when I use the term, GUIDED IMAGERY, as opposed to calling what I do - hypnosis. Thank you for the opportunity to express my story.