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  1. Asthma Affirmations Help with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

    Asthma Affirmations Help with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

    We get occasional requests for guided imagery for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) but don't yet have anything specifically targeted for this condition. We knew that anything that relaxed the listener would make symptoms better, but we were nonetheless gratified to read this post, where that assumption is validated:

    Dear Health Journeys,

    The [Asthma] affirmations work well for me, [who] suffers from COPD. I feel better and my breathing is more relaxed. I listen to this at night and when I wake up during the night. It has helped me to see my drugs as allies.

    I even had a dream of being in a beautiful hall with molded ceiling. There were friends around me, and a friendly healthy, strong and vital guide put his arm on my shoulder to comfort me. I woke up realizing that that luxurious room was my lungs feeling healed. Thank you Belleruth!

    With all my encouragements,

    Michael from the UK

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  2. This Video Is Guaranteed to Make You Smile...

    Good people, you simply must watch this Breast Cancer Awareness video out of Portland, Oregon.  Cindy forwarded it to me, knowing I’d go nuts for it, which I did.  Kudos to the Providence St Vincent Medical Center community, for its wonderful, spirited, joyful support of a great cause.  This hospital comes across as so warm and welcoming, it’s enough to turn me into a hypochondriac, just to have an excuse to visit.

    Here’s the note that came with the video: 

    Emily McInnes Somers created, directed and choreographed this in Portland last week for her Medline Glove Division as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness.

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  3. Guided Imagery For Raynaud’s Syndrome?


    My question is for a close friend who has Raynaud’s Syndrome, where blood does not reach body extremities - fingers, toes, and in some cases a general weakening of muscles - including esophagus. [Ed. note: Cold and stress can exacerbate this condition.]

    I was wondering if you had any suggestions in dealing with this with regards to guided imagery ?


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  4. Teeth-gnashing Frustration Re: Lyme Disease

    Dear Belleruth,

    Do you remember when AIDS was first discovered?  Do you remember the stigma attached to the illness and how that stigma created much more pain and devastation than the physical illness itself (as if it weren't bad enough)?  Who can forget, actually?  The patients... the disregarded... fought like hell to be recognized and respected, treated and researched.  No one ever thought AIDS could be successfully treated or that people could live productive lives after diagnosis.... but how wrong that was!

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