Hello, I want you to know that in the late 1990s, my husband and I saw a marital counselor in Atlanta and bought one of your recordings for depression. It helped tremendously! Thank you so much!

Now the same husband and I are going through a divorce. After 26 years of marriage. I have several chronic illnesses, some brought on by stress from living in an emotionally abusive situation for so many years. I would like for you to recommend a place for me to start. I am not sleeping well and have a broken heart and spirit.  I am doing my best to heal, but I am taking it one day at a time and know this is a long process. Please advise me on which CD/DVD would be best.

With Much Gratitude,

Hi, Della.
Sorry you're having a hard time. But it does sound like you're taking a sensible, realistic approach to your recovery from all of this.  

I think I'd recommend three CDs for you:





Healthful Sleep (because if you don't get enough sleep, that makes everything harder - by a lot!);
Healing Trauma (because you have been traumatized in a cumulative way, and your heart is broken, and this imagery speaks to those issues more than any other);
and Self-Confidence (because you will be regaining a lot of that in the next several months, and this will be like an extra booster shot.)

Sounds like you know to be easy on yourself, to remain patient and stay hopeful that better days are ahead, but I'll reiterate that anyway: Take it easy on yourself, be as patient with your progress as you can, and better days are surely ahead.  You may have even noticed that, even at this difficult time, with all your grief, anger and sorrow, the absence of that cloud of abuse around you is making some interesting differences already.

All best wishes to you,