Each week we get queries from practitioners with a product they’d like to sell – an audio or video – wondering if we’d review it for possible inclusion in our catalog.  

We’re always on the lookout for stellar mind-body resources to add to our list.  We focus on guided imagery, hypnosis and meditation materials, but we also carry a limited amount of yoga, qigong, energy psychology, acupressure and acupoint tapping guided materials as well.

It’s got to be high quality content – psychologically and/or medically sophisticated, respectful, non-cheesy and based on sound principles. It has to be spoken in good English (or Spanish).  It also has to be well produced and well packaged.  

We send people back to the drawing board if they’ve got what we think is excellent content but poorly made, and ask them to do it again if they’re serious about us carrying it.

Sometimes we’ll offer to produce it ourselves if the creators don’t want to be bothered and we think it’s pretty great and ought to get out to people.  

We also look for condition-specific items that target a specific health challenge – especially something we get asked for a lot.

So if you have something you want us to take a look at, please send it to Cheryl Pomeraning - [email protected] - , who, with the help of her handpicked team of savvy selectors, will screen it and create a short list for me to have a look at.

Thanks for your interest.
All best,