We just got a very appreciative note from a Canadian soldier who received a gift card of guided imagery downloads to help him with his combat stress in between counseling sessions. That reminded me that it’s been ages since I mentioned this very handy option for easy, swift gift-giving.  All you have to do is pick an item you want to send as a gift and look for the download/gift option on the shopping cart.  If you find yourself needing help with this (I did), write or call our ever-so-patient and helpful staff (seriously) at  [email protected] or 800.800.8661.

Cindy tells me our new titles for the upcoming catalog are in the warehouse, so this means I can clue you in on the new stuff (about which I’m very pumped), and you can get a jump on an order.  

For starters, I’m proclaiming Erin Olivo’s 2-CD set, Free Yourself from Anxiety, one of the best therapeutic programs for helping people manage and reduce anxiety that we’ve ever come across. She combines mindfulness with cognitive behavioral therapy, explains it all beautifully on the first CD and offers 5 superb and highly unique and effective guided meditations on the second. We’re all very excited about this awesome resource.

We came across William DeFoore’s inner child work years ago, and really loved his beautifully narrated, sophisticated imagery and affirmations for reversing childhood abuse and injury, but the recording quality held us back.  Happily, Dr DeFoore re-recorded and professionally engineered Nurturing Your Inner Child: A Program for Healing and Self-Love and now it’s simply all-around terrific for anyone whose sense of self got clobbered as a kid. We’re very proud to carry it.

Shambala Self-Esteem for Teens by Mellisa Dormoy is guided imagery that is perfectly geared to teen issues – self-empowerment, respect for boundaries, holding one’s own against peer pressure, loving the body, and much more.  It’s original, wise and covers the full range of adolescent struggles.

In addition, the team found an enchanting CD of 7 compelling, evocative guided meditations by Dr. Francoise Adan - Let My Words Be Your Words. The segments are brief but very engaging, and we all were captivated by her delicate choices of words, her soothing voice and her French accent.
I guess that’s enough for now.  I’ll tell you about more next time.

Take care and be well,