Hello again.

I was cleaning out my overloaded e-mailbox and came across the be-ribboned e-card that we use to send along with gift downloads.  I hadn’t seen it in a long time, and I was struck by how great it is to be able to have this technology available for sending a healing gift to somebody you care about.  The card goes out with every digital present we send.  (We’ve seen every imaginable note with it, too, by the way –from a simple “I love you, Mom, and I hope this helps!” to “Stick this in your ear, Jim!!” )  The digital download makes for a useful, convenient, practical and repeatedly helpful present – especially handy to the giver if, like me, you have a habit of waiting until the last minute to send something, but want it to get there on time.

More and more, we’re seeing people ordering downloads.  We estimate that it now accounts for about one quarter of our sales, and that’s up from just about nothing a couple of years ago.  It’s also made distribution overseas so much more practical, too.  I love it that somebody from Australia or Japan or Denmark can get our stuff very easily, quickly and inexpensively.  And remember cassettes?? They are so gone. It’s really astounding how fast this industry has changed.

I hope you’ve had time to check out the intelligent, thoughtful discussion going on around the “Christian CD” question on the blog from last week.  Please add to it if you’re so moved.  Seeing this kind of shared conversation makes me very happy to have this blog feature.  Kudos to our CEO, Cindy Stalnaker and our designer, David Buchmueller for putting it together.  Our next job will be to get the rest of the site up to par with this spiffy new design.

We’re always getting asked for more imagery in Spanish.  Luckily, our friend and colleague, Jim Porter, creator of the popular A Day Away from Stress, (a terrific audio that introduces to a mainstream audience five different ways to relax,) has produced a Spanish version, a.k.a. Un Dia Lejos Del Estress  It’s narrated by Nora Porter MD and it sounds really lovely - her voice is very appealing and calming; it’s beautifully produced; and we already knew the meditations were first-rate!  

We’ve also gotten a really outstanding new Tai Chi video in the warehouse, featuring a delightful teacher named Tiffany Chen.  In spite of the fact that she’s a champion athlete, her daily Tai Chi ritual suits all fitness levels – my creaky, old self included.  Step-by-Step Tai Chi is 88 minutes of crystal clear, easy-to-follow, refreshing, expert, charming instruction that hits all the right notes.  The video itself is beautifully shot (no surprise - Acacia almost always does a gorgeous job) and expertly produced with great, clear sound.  This is going to be my daily ritual, people! 

OK, that’s it for now.  Take care and be well!
All best,