A couple of summers ago, I was asked to do a favor for a friend of a friend, and test out a couple of speakers that delivered random tones, designed to calm and center the listener in 3 minutes or less. It was pitched to me as a free ride to a meditative state at lightning speed.

Needless to say, I was skeptical.

I reluctantly agreed to meet the inventor of this so-called miracle device, who was described to me as some kind of tech wizard – microphone mavin - sound engineer. I figured I was in for a wasted afternoon, but I said I’d do it, and a deal’s a deal, so I dutifully showed up.

To my surprise, Michael Joly turned out to be engaging, funny, guileless, and very smart. He told me he was someone who could never straight-up meditate, except when he was recording sound, and listening with such great, single-minded focus, that it drove every other thought, worry, and niggling distraction right out of his head.

I guess from there it was just a matter of time before he started messing with creating certain patterns of sound – tones and pings, really - calibrated and delivered to mechanically drive the brain into a state of deep, centered calm. Michael figured this could be great for people like him, who somehow just weren’t wired to meditate in the more traditional ways.

Now, mind you, this is not a new idea – others, starting with Robert Monroe in the ’50s, have played with sound wave mechanics to alter consciousness, with varying degrees of success. But I’ve never encountered anything as wondrously potent as what I was about to test drive.

Michael showed me the gizmos he’d created. The two shiny, spherical disks were good looking, nicely sized, and had a satisfying heft to them. In other words, they seemed serious and classy, could have been in a Sharper Image or Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. He placed them on either side of me and asked me to just experience the 3-minutes of random tones.

The tones were pleasing - delicate arrangements of pings - exquisitely fine and clear pinpoints of sound with their own after-waves – overtones, undertones, not sure what you call them. Delicate as these tones were, I could physically feel them quite strongly as body sensation as well as sound. (Sidebar: listening to the sounds on a computer will not create the same effect – you have to be in physical proximity to the gizmos.)

After my 3 minutes, I did feel differently - calmer and more centered. You could say that disparate waves of energy in my body had resolved into a more coherent, unified rhythm.

Next, I felt compelled to hold the gizmos in my hands, to see what physically touching them did for the three minutes of playing time. Sure enough, that seemed to increase the impact even further.

I also lay down on the sofa and put one gizmo on my chest and one on my belly and experienced that. That was good too, but for me, sitting up and holding them in the palms of my hands produced the strongest impact.

Bottom line: this nice, smart Michael Joly fella has really created something special here. It’s a glorious gift for the people who can’t or won’t meditate, or don’t want to take the time; and for any one of us who do meditate, but like different ways to settle down and come home to ourselves, it’s one helluva terrific addition to the menu.

He calls it the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System. And we’re entirely and completely proud to add it to our catalog. Do yourself or a friend a favor and check it out. (Cheesy, I know, but I can’t resist saying “And do it N.O.W.!!"). 

All best,


P.S N.O.W. would be a treatment of choice for Trauma Survivors or people with TBI.
P.P.S. Great for children of any age who can’t sit still, focus, settle down.
P.P.P.S. A marvelous gift for anyone who thinks they can’t meditate.
P.P.P.P. Effective just before sleep – I’ve got friends who swear by it.