We got this almost too-good-to-be-true feedback from what Cheryl used to call, back in the day, a “happy tape user.” But we actually hear this, in various permutations, quite a lot. Guided imagery, it turns out, is an ideal intervention for insomnia. The voice tone and music soothe the primitive, over-alert, survival-based parts of the brain; and the content and images distract the neocortex that’s busy worrying, obsessing and reviewing the slights and resentments of the day. Here’s what she had to say:
healthysleepThe guided imagery for Healthful Sleep has changed my husband’s life. Not an exaggeration. He used to take medicine to help him relax at night. He could sleep, but it wasn't restful sleep. He thrashed, had nightmares, and always felt tired the next day – even after 12+ hours of sleep. After using the imagery a few nights, he was able to quit taking medicine because he began sleeping so restfully. One big, unexpected side-benefit: he’s much better company!

I also sleep much more soundly and feel more rested. The mornings after I listen to this particular imagery, I feel what I can only describe as 10 years younger. It occurs to me that truly healthful sleep would improve general wellness, energy, mood and prepare you to deal effectively with stress. If you can only afford one guided imagery CD, I’d say get that one.