Got COVID Or The Flu? There’s Guided Imagery For You

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (and again, and again...): Dr. Emmett Miller’s imagery for Resisting & Preventing Viral Infection is ideal for anyone looking to support their immune system, the better to fight off acquiring an infection, and to remain a robust, protective, and vigilant army against any outside invaders seeking to do harm.

How does it do this? By guiding listeners to fully imagine and align with the built-in cellular protection and vigilance that operates naturally throughout the body; to counter stress and worry with deep relaxation; and to motivate and inspire healthy behavior changes that maintain maximum wellness, in spite of external threat, such as the coronavirus.

That goes for anyone aiming to deny these microscopic invaders a free pass into the body, and instead cheerlead their own white cells to block, tackle, and destroy, before the virus can gain a foothold. (Studies of guided imagery with other viruses, such as herpes simplex, colds and various flus, do in fact show heightened bursts of immune activity, lasting for 30-60 minutes — check out these articles from J.H. Gruzelier and John Schneider et al.)

We’ve been offering Emmett’s initial viral guided imagery since earlier this year, and it’s had rousing success — but it became clear pretty quickly that prevention and resistance was only going to be half the solution; another audio to help folks who had already been diagnosed with the virus and its ilk would be necessary.

The good news? Emmett has just completed guided imagery for people who have COVID-19, the common flu, and other viral infections. This audio is designed to help the body recover from viral infection in a safe, balanced way, without triggering unnecessary aggression or inflammation from the body’s immune system. Its focus is on keeping up the protective function of the immune system, bringing in the suppressor cells to pull in the reins when some slow-down is called for.

Updated and revised to include new information from virology and immunology studies of the action of coronaviruses such as COVID-19 and similar strains, this meditation offers an imaginal blueprint for healthy recovery without complication from viral infections of all kinds — including the common flu. Not surprisingly, he calls this one Overcoming Viral Infection.

This brand-new imagery has already been available to app users (subscribers get several weeks of advance access as a special perk), but this week we’re announcing the wide release of this audio track for purchase and download — and I’m delighted to recommend this imagery without reservation, for anyone who wants a well-functioning immune system that doesn’t run amok.