Got Guided Imagery for Weight Loss and/or Positive Body Image?


Do you have guided imagery for weight loss and/or positive body image? Or can you recommend one?


Hello, Philomena.

Yes, absolutely. Best for weight loss, if I do say so myself, is our HJ Weight Loss imagery - it doubled weight loss in a controlled study at Canyon Ranch.

It's also designed to be good for body image too, but for positive attitude toward your body (which is indeed associated with weight loss, paradoxical as that might seem), Healthy Weight & Body Image set by Traci Stein, PhD can't be beat. It even includes hypnotic imagery for changing those negative attitudes during sleep (a very juicy time for this!), targeting all of those shame and self-critical tropes really beautifully, and is powerfully effective, so I'd definitely recommend that as well – the complete set if you can afford it.

In a few months, should you grow tired of these, I'd start mixing in David Illig's Weight Loss program to keep you on your toes with additional variety, and to ensure continued success.

We actually have a lot of great audio titles for weight loss, and they're all pretty terrific or they wouldn't have made the cut into our catalog. Even our Healthful Sleep imagery is good for weight loss. But David brings to the table a very sophisticated, Ericksonian approach to hypnosis, which should provide you with a new voice and some additional tools.

Then you could just mix and match your audios according to whatever you're in the mood for.

Also, keep in mind that even if you grow tired of listening to the same guided meditation, over and over, it will still work for you. (We inadvertently learned this while endlessly taping a 20/20 segment on guided imagery and weight loss that went on and on, and at the time we only had that first Weight Loss tape for people to listen to. It was coming out of everyone's ears, but they were obligated to keep listening daily until the camera crews came back 6 months later, for the "After" segment.)

 Hope this helps. Let us know.

All best,

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