We are tracked down and thanked by a decade-long survivor of ovarian cancer who was more scared of chemotherapy than she was of cancer, and who used guided imagery to overcome her dread of treatment Dear Health Journeys,

I am a thriving ovarian cancer survivor of over a decade. Back when I was diagnosed, I was extremely frightened at the prospect of chemotherapy. I think it is fair to say I was more scared of chemotherapy than I was of cancer.

What gave me courage was a little guided imagery tape that the nurse in the hospital gave me. It settled me right down. I found comfort and hope in it. It changed my experience to a positive one. I wore my tape out listening to it!

The tape had a drug company on the label, so I never knew who did it or where it came from. However, I’d know the voice anywhere. When my niece sent me a tape for my headaches, imagine my surprise to hear my old friend again! I had to write and thank you, now that I have a name and company to write to!
Jo Ann DeCarlo