A man, stunned by the sudden death of his wife from a drunk driver, describes how therapy and guided imagery have helped him begin to regain his energy and reclaim his life.. Dear Belleruth & Health Journeys,

For the past two years, I have been reeling from the accidental death of my wife, who was run over by a drunk driver the day before Christmas, two plus years ago. I was barely functional and kept to myself when it wasn’t necessary for me to be at work. Many a weekend I stayed in bed. I was beset by constant fury, despair, depression and emptiness. I’ve had terrible nightmares, so even sleeping brought me zero relief.

I still suffer this terrible loss, but I believe I am improving at last. I found a wonderful therapist who has helped me understand my symptoms and explained that I probably have PTSD. It was a relief to have a diagnosis that explained what I’ve been going through. He also gave me your CDs for grief and posttraumatic stress, and I believe these two meditations have greatly helped me. I cry like a baby when I listen to them, but it feels like an important release. I believe this is helping me to move beyond my stuck emotional void. I am getting my energy back. Even though I am still in sorrow, I am now able to start participating in my life again. I have hope of improving further. The guided meditations are a great blessing. Thank you for making them.

John S.