From what we can tell from sales here at Health Journeys, there’s an epidemic of sleep problems going on in this country – problems with falling asleep, staying asleep, getting deep, refreshing, quality sleep, falling back to sleep after waking up, and dealing with nightmares that interrupt sleep – all of it.

For years, Weight Loss was far and away our most popular title.  In fact, that one audio program sold so well, it helped underwrite a whole range of other titles needed by a much smaller, more targeted audience. These were topics we otherwise couldn’t have afforded to produce.  

But nowadays, even though our weight loss imagery is still very popular, our Healthful Sleep program has been outselling it handily for at least the past 5 years. America may still be obsessed by weight, but it’s evidently on its knees from insomnia.

Sleep is critical to our mental health, and sleep dysfunction is a key ingredient of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and posttraumatic stress – it’s important that we keep getting this safe, user-friendly, portable, natural intervention out there to those who need it.

As many of you know, we’ve been sending the sleep imagery, loaded into durable little MP3’s called Playaways, to our troops downrange – it functions as an important substitute for medication – one without any of the downsides of legal drugs - and we’re told it’s been a big help. We’re all very gratified to know that.

Here is what one doc posted about her experience with guided imagery for sleep – we found it on Amazon:  

“I know it works for me when I keep successfully falling asleep at about 5-10 minutes into the recording. It produces deeper rest than I normally experience, clear through until my alarm clock turns on or cellphone is paged.

“Excellent replicability so far; essentially the same results every time I have used it -- even if my mind was buzzing with details when I first turned out the lights.

“The fun thing is … I've still never heard the whole guided imagery track. It looks like I would probably have to intentionally sit up with a cup of coffee after a full nights sleep.

“But then again, why? I think I'll wait, leave it a mystery and discover the rest of the content slowly should I ever run into a night that's more challenging again.

“Delightfully nourishing and calming voice. Tasteful music in the background. Holds my interest… that is, until I am sound asleep.”

--Gwendolyn Pincomb, MD, Ph.D.

And here is what one of our more tech-savvy end-users suggested as an interesting combination of “active ingredients” to use with the sleep guided imagery.  He writes: 

“I combine this Healthful Sleep with an app called Ambiance and the Pillowsonic speaker pillow.

“The app lets me pick what sounds I want to hear (crickets and highway traffic) and then I can play the Healthful Sleep mediation over the cricket sounds. When the Sleep Meditation is done I have crickets on all night.

“It puts me to sleep every night. When I wake up in the middle of the night I play it again. It's not always effective at that time but it still keeps me calm.

“There is also a new app for this meditation called Sleep Help. It's currently on sale in iTunes. I own the app but I wanted the CD too so I could have more control over the background sounds.”