Guided imagery CDs for surgery and to help with sound, deep sleep make a huge difference with a young woman terrified by her diagnosis of cervical cancer, and in need of lots and lots of restful sleep.. I am not sure if this will get to the right person, but I''m taking the chance. My parents purchased "Successful Surgery" for me while I was going through a scary time with cervical cancer. It was a terrifying experience and many nights were spent lying awake and thinking about my future. After endless nights of not sleeping, my parents researched and found your Sleep CD. It was a life saver! The three nights before my surgery and EVERY night in the hospital, I listened to the CD to fall asleep. Once I got home, I was supposed to sleep as much as possible. I was able to do that with the help of the CD. I had to take the time to thank you for making this. It truly changed my mental state before and after the surgery. I''m happy to say I''m now 3 months cancer free! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

[Ed. Note: Thanks for writing, Jane! We are all delighted the audios helped you get ready for surgery, relax and sleep! We’d love to take credit for the cancer-free part, too, but that belongs with you and your surgeons and all the invisible helpers assisting you! All best wishes for continued health, strength and successes, and delicious adventures of the fun kind..]