Guided Imagery Eliminated Her Son’s Night Terrors

We got this note from a grateful surgeon whose 14-year-old son suffered from night terrors at least two or three times a week.  It was hard on him and hard on the whole family.  The solution turned out to be a simple audio download – some guided imagery for sleep.  Check out her note:   

I am a surgeon who first became aware of the benefits of guided imagery when one of our anesthesiologists recommended your surgery guided imagery download to one of our pre-op patients.

The use of imagery has since become a fairly regular occurrence in the O.R. I personally have noticed a reduction in bleeding and a more positive, upbeat attitude in the patient who listens to guided imagery. 

My 14-year-old son has experienced disturbed sleep and night terrors from the time he was in second grade. We were never able to get to the bottom of why this started.  At least two or three times a week, he would wake up in terror. Falling back to sleep was a challenge. 

He has seen therapists to no avail.

A friend suggested I get him guided imagery specifically to help with sleep  I found your audio download for sleep on your website, which he has been using every night before bedtime.  He listens faithfully and does not grow weary of it. He no longer fears falling asleep.

We are going into the third month of my son being nightmare-free.  The changes in him are dramatic.  Now that he is no longer sleep-deprived and exhausted, his sweet disposition is back.  He is performing well in school.  The whole family is getting some rest!

Thank you. I am grateful.

Eve B.

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