Guided Imagery Resources for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To find out more, go to How the American Cancer Society Fights Breast Cancer.

To learn more about prevention of breast cancer, read Andrew Weil's Six Ways to Minimize Your Risk of Breast Cancer.

Here at Health Journeys, we often hear from cancer patients who ask for assistance in choosing the resources that would work best for their situations. We also hear from people who tell us how guided imagery helped them through their surgery or assisted them during treatment and are seeking resources for other issues, such as self-confidence, weight loss or sports performance.

If you or someone you know is a cancer patient, facing surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or bone marrow transplant, guided imagery is an excellent adjunct to a treatment plan. Guided imagery has been shown to improve surgical outcomes, reduce the side effects of chemo and radiation therapy and help the body fight cancer by boosting the immune system.

To learn more about the range of programs we offer, which mind-body practices might appeal most to you and read some excellent tips for dealing with cancer, click here.

Empower yourself by trying one of these superior guided imagery for cancer programs, available in MP3 and CD format, and feel the difference in mind, body and spirit. To browse our programs, go to our online store.

For a total wellness maintenance experience, check out our Pink Ribbon Survive & Thrive Pack.

Belleruth's blog post Positive Impact of Guided Imagery on Breast Cancer Patients discusses results of a study to evaluate the impact of guided imagery on patients receiving radiation therapy for breast cancer.

To learn about the use of other mind-body modalities in the treatment of cancer, read Aromatherapy, Massage & Reflexology Found Equally Effective for Cancer Patients and Yoga Improves Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients.

No matter where in the world you are, we hope you are enjoying the pleasures of early fall (some of us prefer to call it very late summer). As always, we welcome your comments and stories.

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