Guided imagery helps a man diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer immerse himself in what he calls "deep, internal spaces" and intense visual images to help him recover and heal.. Dear Belleruth,
Several months ago (I remember the date: November 5, 2003) I received a diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer. My PSA was 600 and my alk phos reading was over 700. Both are problematic barometers, as you may know. That was the beginning of the journey.. and the adventure..

In these past several months I have invented, reinvented and kept inventing protocols to take me toward being well. And this is in the fullest sense of being well. I will get there, because I know it is not time for me to die, as I do have unfinished business, and service to render.

Accessing deeper internal spaces seemed essential to me. Visualization of the best and sharpest images.. I knew both were necessary if I were to get well (Ed. note: it is not necessary to visualize sharp images to get well. Some people can’t visualize anything and achieve powerful results through the felt sense of the kinesthetic imagery, or using imagined sounds, smells, tastes, touch and feel.) I was scared I would not be able to access these internal realms, and thus put more pressure on physical cleansing. I knew that was not enough for me.

Somehow, I think maybe an angel deposited it on the night stand. Your Fight Cancer CD came my way.. and I am so satisfied with its effect on my body and psyche, that I wanted to simply say so to you. I don’t sense a loose word or phrase anywhere in the recording, and that allows me to relax and feel safe. It is a superbly crafted narrative. Thank you to you and to your associates, from the bottom of my heart.

I park myself on the bed, twice a day, and put on the headphones. I just let the experience ensue. And it does! And I know it at a very deep level! And I am getting better!

John Wainwright