Guided Imagery for PTS Was Essential to Her Recovery from Childhood Abuse

This note was posted on our website last week. We get a lot of these, and we are grateful for each and every one, including the critical feedback that tells us what wasn’t so helpful. But there was something about this post that was especially heartening and encouraging – and important for other survivors to see. Please have a look. We’re showing it verbatim, exactly as it was written on our page for our Guided Imagery for the Three Stages of Healing Trauma: Nine Meditations for Posttraumatic Stress.

We also want to thank G.S. for this eloquent testimonial to the power of guided imagery. Her words mean a lot to us.

Reviewer: G.S. in Chicago
Review Title: Three Stages of Healing Trauma
Review Comment:

When I began recovering from the effects of childhood sexual abuse 10 years ago, my therapist recommended Health Journey's PTSD guided imagery and meditations.

It took several listens until I began discovering what a powerful and helpful recovery tool it is. I've been using it for about 10 years now and it's marvelous how it changes and adapts to my recovery needs over that time.

I don't need to use it as much as I use to, but every once in awhile the PTSD symptoms start up again and helps me get through them. Also, I've come to find great comfort in the soothing and assuring tone of Belleruth's voice. It's become a "safe space" for me.

I later upgraded to this expanded 3-CD set (and added the Abandonment, Heartbreak and Betrayal meditation as well) and glad I did. The imagery for Depression is especially helpful, but all of these recordings have helped me in one way or another, and it's helps me deal with things between visits to my therapist.

When I look back on my 10 years of therapy, I would say that the Guided Imagery for PTSD was essential to my recovery. Considering how helpful it is and its low cost, it's perhaps the wisest and smartest personal investment I've ever made.

Belleruth and Health Journeys have given a true and beautiful gift toward the betterment of the world and I am at a loss for words of how deeply grateful I am to have this resource in my life.

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