Guided Imagery for Sleep Gets Compared to a Favorite Bedtime Story

Here’s a charming report that came through a friend/colleague.  Her old friend from college had been undergoing treatment for breast cancer and having trouble sleeping.  She compared listening to guided imagery with being read a favorite bedtime story.  Love that!  I’m just pasting the whole note:

Hey BR.  Hope you get this email where you are... i think so!  :)
So, one of my old college friends just FB'd me with this message about using your guided imagery tapes when she was going thru chemo for breast cancer, and now for sleep!  Here is what she said:

One of my (many) therapists recommended her CDs, and I have repeatedly used one for sleep - like being read a favorite bedtime story by a loving auntie/friend - works every time.

Thought you'd chuckle!