Surgery Pack - Guided Imagery for Surgery: Improve Clinical Outcomes, Boost Patient Satisfaction, and Cut Costs


Research has proven that guided imagery significantly reduces patients’ anxiety before surgery, decreases their pain during and after surgery, and allows them to leave the hospital sooner – all while lowering the costs of surgery, medication, and other charges by 14%.  Read that research here

Now Health Journeys makes it easy for you to offer your patients all the benefits of guided imagery with a customized web page that streams a curated playlist of our targeted, evidence-based meditation audios on demand. 



Here’s how it works:  

  • We build a secure web page using your logo, branding, and messaging so it fits seamlessly into your organization’s web site. 
  • We embed these seven audios focused on preparing for and recovering from surgery:  
    • Healthful Sleep - ideal for those who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, for women who have sleep disruption due to menopause, and even for people with sleep difficulties such as nightmares, restless leg syndrome, or even sleep walking 
    • Ease Pain - offers guidance for facing and softening acute pain such as muscle spasm, injury, or post-surgical pain 
    • Stop Smoking – helps with imagining the lungs healing and toxins clearing from the body, while capacity grows each day for taking in richer, energizing, life-giving oxygen 
    • Anxiety & Panichelps in the reduction or even elimination of panic's classic symptoms of rapid breathing, racing heart, chills, sweats, numbness, shaking, chest pain, terror and the signature, irrational but utterly convincing, sense of impending doom 
    • Embracing a New Medicine - inspires a positive, friendly attitude toward the new drug; or improves a wary relationship with an old one; and helps envision successful results. 
    • Relaxation & Wellness – for daily relaxing or for facing any stressful situation with emotional resilience, balance, and centered calm 
    • Successful Surgery - helps listeners get ready for surgery by imagining a successful, safe, and comfortable operation and recovery, complete with suggestions and images of all the desired outcomes, including reduced bleeding, lower use of pain medication and fast mending with minimal discomfort 
  • We provide both a link to the page and a QR code so your patients can access the audios easily on a computer or a smartphone. 
  • We provide unlimited 24/7 access so your patients can listen any time, anywhere, as often as they like. 
  • We host and manage the page on the Health Journeys server so it requires minimal attention from your IT team. 
  • We make daily reports available so you can understand how your patients are using the audios. The reports give you information on how many sessions, average duration users are listening to the audios, and what audio tracks and titles are being listened to. 
  • At $5,000 a year - this specially designed pack with the curated playlist is made available only to Hospitals and Surgery Centers - that’s 40% off our usual $8,400 annual fee! 

 Here’s what patients have said:  

“The one phrase I saw so often in the reviews [for the Successful Surgery audio] was ‘It went far easier than anyone expected,’ and the very first thing my surgeon said to me after surgery was exactly that. His med student told me later that everyone in the OR had been saying the same thing. It was a six-hour surgery with two surgeons, and it was a spectacular success. It's been a mere 3 weeks since the surgery and my recovery has also gone surprisingly well with no complications.” 

“Facing cervical fusion surgery, I was filled with fear and anxiety.  The guided imagery enabled me to be completely relaxed right up to entering the operating room. In addition, I learned from my surgeon that I did not bleed much when the incision was made, thus avoiding much cauterizing and numbness afterwards.” 

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