Guided Imagery for Trauma Produces Healing Tears

We just got this very touching note that speaks to the power of guided imagery for healing posttraumatic stress.

Now, mind you, it doesn't work for everyone – there's no one magic silver bullet for PTS. But we do get this feedback frequently enough to know that when guided imagery works, it goes deep, it changes the inner landscape, and it's a godsend.

Sometimes the impact is felt right away, as was this person's experience. For others, the effects are cumulative and more subtle, and the changes sneak up on the listener after a few weeks or even months. Either way is good.

It works well with counseling, and sometimes suffices as a stand-alone treatment. Not everyone can afford, find or wants to see a therapist.

Please read on and if you know someone who might benefit from having this very accessible, user-friendly technique, in CD format or uploaded to their phone or portable listening device, please let them know.

Here's the note, as we got it verbatim:

Dear Belleruth

I haven't cried as much in years, as I did when I listened to your guided meditation and imagery for PTSD tonight.

For the first time in a very long period of non-stop panic, anxiety, hopelessness, depression and an overall sense of being lost, I feel hope. For the first time ever, my tears felt therapeutic.

Thank you for being there and for creating this treatment. Thank you for having a kind heart and for allowing me to understand that mine can be healed, and my trauma overcome.

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