Guided Imagery Helped Her With Infertility and IVF Treatment

We got this My Health Journey from Mary who shares her use of guided imagery as she and her husband worked to conceive a child. Here's what she recently wrote us:

"I had struggled with infertility for nearly four years. After the first disheartening try (and “failure”, as it is called) with In Vitro Fertilization, I knew I would need extra support, because the process was distressing and disturbing, and I needed to stick it out. 

I was depressed, disheartened and, in a way, disabled. I searched the web for resources to help me cope and keep me on track. That’s how I found your audio program, Help for Fertility before the second round of IVF.

I listened to it every night before sleep. It gave me a surprising sense of calmness, patience and peace, plus a feeling that whatever will be, will be as it should be. 

Maybe it’s arguable, but I believe this relaxing, positive imagery made all the difference. I am now four-months pregnant. No doubt there were many other factors that came together to create this reality, but the guided imagery was definitely a big piece of it.

I know there’s no magic bullet for infertility. Treatment is a tough process. Many have had to go through much more than I did. But no matter what, it’s important to stay centered, calm and balanced, just for your own sanity. 

Good luck and many blessings from me, to anyone who is going through this."


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