Guided Imagery Provides Critical Pain Relief and Helps to Avoid Back Surgery

This email came to us from a physician who suffered a painful, ruptured cervical disk. He had serious reservations about opting for back surgery if he could use other, less invasive methods, and guided imagery helped him with the pain enough to allow him to hold out and use yoga and chiropractic to get the job done. Check it out:

Dear Health Journeys,

I have experienced first hand how effective guided imagery can be. I am a long- time distributor and have always believed in the efficacy of imagery, but experiencing its benefits personally takes my enthusiasm to a whole, new level.

I used the Ease Pain imagery during a very rough time with a ruptured cervical disk, which is now fully under control, thanks in large part to Chiropractic and Yoga.

But without the imagery to get me through the pain, I probably would have felt I had to opt for surgery. This was something I did not want to do, knowing as much as I do about the risk of having to undergo repeated surgeries and procedures due to failed attempts, or worse, the possibility of permanent damage.

I've seen it all, and my policy for myself and my patients is to try to stay with the least invasive interventions if at all possible. The guided imagery allowed me to do this. I'm very grateful.


L. Stewart Johnson MD