Guided Imagery Helps Lighten Her Burden of Anger and Resentment

I come from a family of Olympic-grade, Gold Medalist Blamers. My parents woke up angry and went to bed angry. They expressed anger the way normal people say hello, how are you??!! My mother had a constant slow burn, and my father lost his temper over issues large and small (mostly small!!!) dozens of times a day. All of us kids grew up assuming that this was what life looked like!

When I started acting like my mother in my marriage, my husband was dumbfounded. He is a decent, reasonable man who couldn't fathom where all this bubbling anger was coming from.

When he pointed it out to me, I couldn't either. I took a long, hard look at the culture I grew up in, went into therapy and did an overhaul on my psyche. NO WAY was I going to screw up my marriage to this man if I could help it.

My therapist helped me with her empathetic but NO BALONEY approach. One of the good things she did was to recommend your Anger & Forgiveness guided imagery program.

I had never listened to guided imagery before, but this recording helped me greatly on my Overhaul Journey. It's furthered my ability to let go of the destructive, automatic habit of blaming and offloading responsibility onto others, that I seemed to have breathed into my being as naturally as air as I grew up.

I'm also more accepting of myself at the same time that I'm changing. I find the voice kind and the words nonjudgmental, loving and reassuring. I feel I have permission to change at my own pace. I find it calming, and I even like falling asleep to it. It has definitely speeded up my healing work with my therapist, and I have even introduced it to two of my siblings (the other two being lost causes!!)

Most of all, my marriage is back on solid ground again and my husband is much happier. I am especially grateful for that. Thank you.


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