A massage therapist undergoing rigorous treatment for a rare form of breast cancer writes about how much her guided imagery CDs gave her comfort and helped her to stay positive during a very challenging time.. Dear Health Journeys,

My organization, which has sponsored Belleruth’s workshops on occasion, just received a 2-page, hand-written letter from a member, a massage therapist, who recently had extensive treatment for a very rare form of breast cancer. This included a bi-lateral mastectomy and a lymphectomy, followed by chemotherapy.

In this letter she states, "I do use Belleruth''s CANCER PAK CD''s all the time! It''s a lifesaver. She''s a peach....Hope you can let her know she''s become one of the most comforting parts of my life right now!"

There''s much more but I wanted to share those parts, at least, with you all. She sounded like she was doing really well, and that a big part of her improvement and good attitude was the imagery CDs.

Love, Betty