Guided Imagery Increases Her Powers of Intuition & Creativity

2147bMy favorite use of guided imagery was when I developed a book study group after my retirement in order to teach friends how to tap into their intuitive sense. About ten group members used a combination of reading your book Your Sixth Sense and listening to your guided imagery recording of Unlocking Intuition. Several group members reported increased awareness and comfort with their powers of intuition. Even group participants who did not have this experience enjoyed the guided imagery set to music, stating they had never been able to meditate before.

Shortly after the group ended, one of the most intuitive members, a friend named Alice, died abruptly and too young from leukemia, but during her transition came to visit me in a vision I describe below:

After returning tired from the hospital, as I lay on my bed that Friday night, Alice appeared full of light, floating above my bed, smiling a Black Madonna smile, her red and gold tresses streaming , a translucent stream, no, a field, ever-broadening, of all the colors there are or ever will be limning from my vision of her, or was it the real her, with her blue forming wings, a blue like the early night sky in June, with a touch of charcoal, like the black of a mythic lake under blue skies in Mexico, Mexico where she loved to be, and this being looked forward and up, not a look back, her body slanting upwards, her chubby pink left arm crooked so that her elbow pointed the way, a cherub stance if ever I saw one, and her being radiated happiness, joy, serenity, and just plain fun. I knew she was gone and was glad for her.

I still use the Unlocking Intuition meditations to help me increase my creativity, as well as to come to peace with the deaths of loved ones and friends. I often get answers about my writing after listening, my characters "speaking" to me just as Alice gave me a vision as her good-by.

I am currently writing my second novel, fulfilling my life-long dream to be a writer. Thank you again for your dedication to guided imagery as an aspect of healing; it has helped me and so many of those I care about.


Willetta Thomson
December 3, 2014