We got this wonderful note from a man who recently underwent hip replacement surgery.  We appreciate his giving all the credit to our imagery, but we have a sneaking suspicion that having a great surgical team, terrific attitude and a strong body also had something to do with the successful outcome!

Dear Belleruth,

I just underwent a complete right hip replacement last Tuesday, March 2.  I was released from the hospital three days later, and today, day 8 post-surgery, I'm up and about and walking with no walker, crutches, or cane.

Three weeks before the surgery, I downloaded your pre-surgery guided imagery and affirmations.  My wife and I listened to them every night for those three weeks, including the night before surgery.  Let me tell you, I am not a great fan of going "under the knife."  But the entire experience has been positive and amazing!

We arrived at the hospital at 6AM, and by 8:30, I was prepped and put to sleep.  The entire time before I was put to sleep I was completely calm.  Any fear was far from my consciosness.  My wife said she was amazed at how peaceful I was.

Within three hours of the surgery, I was up and walking with a walker, including walking up and down stairs.  And without the pain I or the doctors expected.  

Today I can walk (not without pain, but nothing unbearable) a block outside without a walker, crutches or cane.

I attribute the peace into which I entered the surgical arena and the success I have had so far in recovery entirely to your CD - actually, to the "band of allies" you helped me create in my mind.  And I feel my body has accepted and taken the lead in my healing, at an even faster rate when I am asleep.

Belleruth, thank you very much for the wonderful aide which you provided me through your CD.  My wife can't believe my recovery, my Doctors can't believe my recovery, and I give all the credit to the imagery your CD provided.

Again, Thanks,
John Blackman Esq