Guided Imagery Reduced Headache, Fibromyalgia and Post-Surgical Pain

We found this heartening story posted by WBH on Amazon, under our Ease Pain guided meditation audio recording.  Here it is, verbatim, in honor of National Pain Awareness Month: We especially love her inspiring, motivating, personal pep talk qu0te that she throws in at the end. 

Oh my gosh, where do I start?? Thank you so much, Belleruth!!

I would go crazy without this CD! I'm 48 yrs old & for the past 8 yrs I've suffered from a number of debilitating chronic pain conditions.(Chronic Myofascial Pain & Fibromyalgia to name a few) A ruptured Brain Aneurysm + 2 brain surgeries 5 yrs ago added chronic headaches + neck & shoulder pain to what was already a burdensome load!

My reason for sharing so much about myself is to help validate how truly powerful the imagery & affirmations are on this CD. If they can help me-they can help anyone!

Dealing with chronic pain day in & day out without any end in sight, inevitably leads to depression & anxiety. Counseling is a necessity & I am extremely fortunate to have found the most compassionate & caring Psychotherapist. She introduced me to Belleruth's CD to Combat Depression & I loved it so much, I immediately bought this one & a few others as well.

Though the affirmations are similar on most of her CD's, each one is still geared specifically to the condition it is intended for.

If you or anyone you know suffers from pain of ANY kind- this CD will be a godsend!

p.s. This is a quote that is not on the CDs but it's worth sharing with you: "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do"......say it several times throughout your day--I guarantee it can help keep things in a little better perspective! Take good care! : )

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