Guided Imagery Saves the Day for a Chemo Patient Terrified of Vomiting

I first got your guided imagery for Chemotherapy and for Treatment Related Fatigue from my nurses at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. These became like a staple for me. I listened to them the evening before I’d go in for chemo, and again the morning after, before I’d leave for home.

I suffered from a lot of severe anxiety. This was not because of the cancer, but because I have a deep fear of vomiting, and the treatments made me very sick. I was in a constant state of terror about throwing up until the nurse gave me your recordings. They kept me calm and balanced. It was like a miracle. I began to believe I would get well and started to see past my immediate misery and toward a future where all of it was behind me. I got back my sense of hope, which saw me through the worst times. 

I just gave these CDs to a family member who is now fighting cancer too. He loves them and uses them every day. I have also gifted a co-worker, who is greatly helped as well.

I would encourage anyone diagnosed and treated for cancer to listen to these audios. At the very least, they reduce the stress and anxiety and give you encouragement. At best, they help your body and your medicines to fight back. They become a very important part of the whole healing process.

My heartfelt thanks to Belleruth and Health Journeys. 


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