One free, guided imagery tape helps a young woman through chemotherapy, lullabyes her and her roommate to sleep in their first year of college, and relaxes her worried mom, too… A couple of years ago I signed up for a membership with a firm called The Walkers Warehouse. It is a, I believe. Ever since I joined, I have been receiving an excellent monthly publication called Prevention. I usually keep these small magazines in my car so that I have something worthwhile to read while I am stuck waiting for a drawbridge or a train (which is a very common occurrence here, in my part of Florida). I was catching up on the May, 2003 issue and noticed an article entitled Healing with your Sixth Sense. I started reading the first page, immediately thought of you, then flipped the page to see your picture!

My previous experience with guided imagery tapes dates back almost seven years now. Our daughter was then 18 and just diagnosed with advanced Hodgkins'' Disease. She was treated with chemotherapy and radiation at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The oncology nurses there were wonderful; they provided her with a free guided imagery cassette of what we now call The Chemo Tape during her first session. The tape was very helpful in carrying Sarah through chemotherapy. [Ed. Note: this would have been the free guided imagery cassette provided by SmithKline Beecham at the time; these audios are still offered free to oncology units nationwide, by both Roche Oncology and GlaxoSmithkline Oncology. Ask your chemo nurse for them.]

But its use did not end there. She had a great deal of trouble sleeping after months of taking prednisone and other drugs in her chemo cocktail. She would use your tape to help her get to sleep. I recently learned that Sarah and my now daughter-in-law, Audrey, would play the tape to help them get to sleep while rooming together in Orlando when Sarah first started college at the University of Central Florida. And I too used the tape to help me relax and get to sleep when the worries were more than I could handle. I did not know that you had other tapes and CDs tailored to other specific needs.

Having found your site, I listened to a couple of audio samples a few minutes ago and have to tell you that hearing your soothing voice brought tears to my eyes, as I could not help recalling those difficult days of extreme worry and concern for our daughter almost seven years ago.

To give the story a happy ending, Sarah graduated with her bachelor''s degree in Art from UCF last May and is now a working graphic designer. She is 6 years in remission! I thought you might like to hear a personal story which shows the impact of one tape on real people. Thank you so much.

Sarah’s Mom