What Guided Imagery to Use During Nightmare Reprocessing Therapy?

We got this excellent question from a woman who suffered nightmares from being in an abusive relationship for 12 years. As her question indicates, it's often a very good idea to use guided imagery to boost and deepen the healing from a protocol like the one she's about to embark on with her therapist: called Nightmare Reprocessing or Imagery Rehearsal Therapy.


Hi Belleruth I am about to start nightmare reprocessing with my therapist for nightmares I have suffered from for 12 years relating to a severely abusive relationship. Which guided imagery CD would you recommend I use for this process?




2120bSally, start with Healthful Sleep and use that throughout the process. After a couple weeks, you may want to add the Healing Trauma imagery to help you integrate and heal the traumatic events into your life in a deeper and more powerful way.

This should work well with the nightmare reprocessing, but if listening to the trauma imagery causes any anxiety, (it shouldn't, but you never know), put it aside for the time being and finish the protocol.

Hope this helps!

Best of luck to you with this!


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