We got so many inspiring emails from the people answering our request for information about their cancer experiences.  This stage 4 lung cancer patient didn’t preach to her oncologist – she just won him over by her dazzling example.  I’ve always believed in this method of persuasion – simply become a walking commercial for what you believe in!  It can’t be beat!  (Credit also goes to her doc, who proved himself to be flexible, open and wise – wise enough to let himself learn from this remarkable woman!)
Please read on – This is Jean:

My oncologist had no idea of, nor was interested in hearing about anything complementary or alternative. He poo-pooed everthing I brought up about mind/body, alternative and complementary medicine and diet. As soon as I got my diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer (never smoked), I started searching. I set up my acupuncture visits for before each chemo. I bought as many books as I could find about surviving cancer.

In one book, Remarkable Recovery, it was interesting to see that all those people who had those remarkable recoveries had many things in common: an incredible will to live, willingness to change, and some spiritual or mental realization.

I vowed from the first day to embrace the beast and get past this. I went to a hypnotherapist and had her make me a personalized tape about relaxation and targeting my particular cancer. I downloaded your Peaceful Perspective and loved it so much I also got the Chemo, General Wellness and Dr. Emmett Miller’s Chemo and played them, not only when I was having chemo, but when I was finished as well, and I pictured that chemo flowing thru my body into those cells for days afterward.

I just kept pursuing it with my oncologist (I think he must have dreaded my appointments) and told him all that I was doing.  I think he could obviously see the difference in how I was taking chemo, compared to other patients, and how good I felt mentally and physically, because he began to ask me at each appointment if I was still using guided imagery and acupuncture.  By my 6th chemo, he told me I had changed his mind about a lot of things, and to keep doing exactly as I was. He even bought the book Anti-Cancer, A New Way of Life, because I told him he should.  He liked it and thanked me.  I think they simply have tunnel vision about their own particular speciality, which is encouraged by western medicine.

What I loved about my personal tape is that the therapist spent a little more time on having me picture the future and how I would look and feel and encouraged me to imagine myself healthy and much older, being with everyone I love.

I feel what is needed is a CD that addresses post chemo, this is a frightening time for me, turned loose, with little advice and told see you at your next scan. I guess I would like a CD that would relax me and then suggest all that my mind and body can do to keep my cancer stable or push it toward remission - something to remind those Killer cells to keep working for me.

I tell everyone I know, with and without cancer, how much guided imagery has helped me. Whether I live or die, I am peaceful, serene and hopeful.

Thank you, Jean G.