Hand-Crafted Guided Imagery from a Special Ed Tutor Makes All the Difference to a Ten-Year-Old Boy

We got this wonderful note from the Mom of Marcus, a developmentally disabled boy. She was eager to tell us what his Special Ed tutor did for him. 

She told of her sweet-natured, ten-year-old having trouble reading, figuring problems out and playing with the other kids. Sometimes he would be “hyper” and sometimes very down in the dumps.

She placed him in a very good school program and also had him working with an excellent Special Ed tutor twice a week. 

The tutor introduced guided imagery to him, creating several recordings in his own voice for him to listen to, in between their tutoring sessions. 

In these guided meditations, he had Marcus imagining that he was doing well at various activities.  He also gave him special resources in these scenarios, like powerful action heroes with super powers to call upon when needed. He had friends to play with, who liked him, and his teachers were happy with his work.

She writes that listening to these audios seemed to give Marcus the confidence and self-esteem to tackle his usual struggles and challenges with greater focus, hope and motivation. 

Within a few weeks, she writes, his reading had improved and his mood was more even positive. He was no longer exhibiting his usual reluctance to go to school. 

This mom, who uses guided imagery for her own stress, was eager to report her excitement about this new use of guided imagery in the family. She wrote, “Marcus is not the only one who feels hope – his mother does too!!”

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