Happy Birthday, U.S. Army!

This story by Sarah Barlow tells of watching some young soldiers help a little girl at the Atlanta airport. It first appeared on the Welcome Home blog. Warning: this tale necessitates a Tear Jerker Alert. Okay, you’ve been warned. Now read on!

She saw about 30 soldiers heading for the gate, greeted by people rising to their feet and clapping and cheering. A young girl, maybe 6 or 7 years old, ran up to one young soldier, who knelt down to greet her.

She asked if he would give her daddy a hug for her, after which she grabbed his neck and hugged him, landing a loud kiss on his cheek. Her mother explained that her dad had been in Iraq for 11 months, and his daughter missed him. The soldier began tearing up.

Some of the other soldiers got into a huddle, and one of them pulled out his military walkie-talkie equipment and started talking on it. He then went over to the little girl and told her he’d spoken to her daddy who told him to give her a hug, which he promptly did, adding that he also said to let her know he loved her more than anything and that he’s coming home soon. 

At this point, the Mom was a teary-eyed mess, as was everyone watching. The soldier stood and saluted the mom and her daughter and walked toward his gate, turning once to blow the little girl a final kiss.

The now weepy onlookers resumed their cheers and applause.   

Happy birthday, US Army! And happy Flag Day to all of us! And of course, Happy Father’s Day!

Take care, stay safe and be well,

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