Hats Off to Dr. Francoise Adan and the Connor Integrative Health Network

I’ve been happily noticing the uptick in Integrative Health Departments and holistic wellness centers, popping up in hospitals all over the U.S. It seems like a critical mass has been reached, and now they’re really proliferating. This is very good news for patients and for health care.

I hand the bulk of the credit to Andy Weil, MD and Victoria Maizes, MD, who’ve been transforming medicine, doc by doc, N.P. by N.P., P.A. by P.A., with their two-year, 1,000-hour Integrative Medicine Fellowship Program at the University of Arizona in Tucson.  Many of their graduates are now running those IM hospital departments you and I are visiting.

Speaking of which, I recently visited the very impressive Connor Integrative Health Network at University Hospitals of Cleveland. 

Developed and directed by psychiatrist Francoise Adan, MD, this cutting-edge center offers the best of acupuncture, hypnotherapy, meditation, reflexology, Reiki and yoga, to individuals and groups. 

francoise adan

Francoise was an early adopter of guided imagery and other mind-body techniques, and our catalog boasts her Let My Words Be Your Words, a beautiful collection of seven guided meditations, each one a gem, refreshingly unlike anything you’ve heard before, and ranging in length from four to ten minutes.

Francoise has put that same impeccable taste, expertise and judgment into building the Connor Network. So, check it out if you’re in the vicinity. And better yet, make good use of it, as I did. 

Take care and be well.

All best,

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